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Hunting down the perfect name for your male catlike or little feline? We have collected a fundamental 10 summary of the most common child cat names!

To cause the once-over we to have looked most of the names of the cats that have been helped by Blue Cross, from our rehoming centers to our veterinary crisis facilities.

cat names for a boy
cat names for a boy
1. Oscar2. Max3. Tiger
4. Sam5. Simba6. Tigger
7. Smokey8. Milo9. Sooty
10. Monty11. Puss12. Kitty
13. Felix14. Jack15. Lucky
16. Casper17. Charlie18. Thomas
19. Toby20. Oliver21. Gizmo
22. Fluffy23. Sebastian24. Billy
25. Jasper26. Tom27. Sylvester
28. George29. Kimba30. Harry
31. Sox32. Smudge33. Basil
34. Harley35. Claude36. Henry
37. Shadow38. Boris39. Cuddles
40. Buster41. Leo42. Chester
43. Jake44. Moet45. Mickey
46. Possum47. Snowy48. Cosmo
49. Clyde50. Jerry

You can in like manner watch the fundamental 10 cat names of 2019, top child cat names, top little feline names, top dull cat names and intriguing and astonishing cat names. The rundown of kid feline names underneath will suit charming little cats and grown-up tom felines.

cat names for a boy
cat names for a boy

We have a shocking gathering of male feline names that incorporates well known feline names and for the more courageous, we have arrangements of irregular and unique  names.

While these kid little cat names are perfect for your heap of cushion, do remember that he will before long exceed that adorable cat name, so pick a name that will suit a grown-up feline as well.

20 Most Popular Cat Names For A Boy

Your new feline needs a name, a character, a mark moniker. Regardless of whether it’s something interesting, customary or absolutely strange, one of these 250 male feline names will be a match to your catlike’s character.

In the event that you need to recognize what other pet proprietors are deciding for their male feline names, here are the best 20 most prevalent male feline names, in view of Nationwide’s pet protection policyholder database.

1. Oliver11. Tigger
2. Max12. Sammy
3. Charlie13. Toby
4. Jack
14. Oscar
5. Simba
15. Shadow
6. Leo
16. Sam
7. Milo
17. Simon
8. Tiger
18. Jasper
9. Smokey19. Oreo
20. Rocky

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